About me.


I’m winocm, a regular old software developer who loves to develop for embedded devices, especially ones based on ARM.


I have experience with the following languages:

  • x86/x64 Assembly
  • PowerPC Assembly
  • ARM Assembly
  • C
  • Objective-C
  • C/C++


Here are at least some of them:

  • boot.efi, a booter for Darwin/ARM for ARM UEFI systems.
  • Porting the Darwin kernel to ARMv7/v8 architecture.
  • Porting TianoCore and other firmware/open-source bootloaders to proprietary ARM systems. (iPhone 4, HP TouchPad)
  • MachBoot, a threaded bootloader for Darwin.
  • GenericBooter, a shim bootloader for u-boot to start the Darwin kernel.
  • opensn0w, a generic utility for bootstrapping unsigned code on iPhone based platforms.
  • p0sixspwn, an iOS 6.1.3, 6.1.4 and 6.1.5 untethered jailbreak.

Most of these projects are open-source and are available on my GitHub repositories.


I can be reached on IRC for the most part. Feel free to contact me.

  • winocm on Freenode.
  • winocm AT icloud DOT com works too.
  • winocm AT jabber DOT ccc DOT de works for XMPP/GoogleTalk/Jabber/whatever-it-is-nowadays.

(Please do not email me for technical support, I will not respond. Especially if it’s about printers. Raise a support ticket with @nickdepetrillo and @thegrugq for that.)